If you are hounded by the black dog, feel nothing is worth the bother or the effort, and just don’t see the point of it all – ELK.Health’s Depression programme and clinics will be your guide and support until those feelings no longer overwhelm you.

‘Being down’ from time-to-time is normal

Many of us experience the feeling of ‘being down‘ from time-to-time. This feeling can be triggered by things like our response to external events, the ways we spend our time, or by hormonal imbalance.

Generally, after a time, we tend to feel better naturally.

However, for those of us experiencing depression these feelings can persist and have an effect on daily life.

Depression affects different people in different ways.

Typical symptoms can include:

– Lasting feelings of unhappiness, sadness or hopelessness. Feeling down or depressed and the feelings just don’t go away;

– An overwhelming feeling of lethargy, feeling consistently tired for no reason or lacking in energy;

– Feeling little interest or pleasure in doing things. Just not having the motivation for anything much;

– Sleeping difficulties – whether it’s trouble falling asleep, waking up much earlier than usual or, the opposite, sleeping much more than usual;

– Loss of appetite or, the opposite, consistently overeating;

– Strong feelings of guilt or worthlessness, or persistently feeling bad about yourself in some way;

– Persistent difficulty in concentrating on things, such as watching TV or reading a book;

– A change in your demeanour – whether it’s noticeably moving or speaking much more slowly
than usual or, the opposite, feeling anxious, fidgety or restless and moving around a lot more than usual;

– Thoughts about suicide, death or self-harm.

Having one of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you’re depressed – there may be other reasons for the symptom (for which a visit to your doctor or joining one of our clinics/programmes could help).

People experiencing depression typically notice a combination of some of these symptoms (everyday for at least two weeks), which cause a change in the way they interact with life and/or the people around them.

So what do NISAD do to help with depression?

When we’re depressed, it can feel hard to imagine life getting better and it can feel difficult to take steps to aid our recovery.

But together we can make a difference.

The accessibility of our ELK.Health programme, which is delivered via an app with games, and our online clinics will make it easier for you to take important steps to support your wellbeing.

We take a holistic approach so that you’ll be able to address the causes of the depression and tailor the support we provide, to your individual circumstances.


Harlequin is our ELK.Health programme for those of us who experience feelings of depression more often than we would like.

It is supported by our online clinics.

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