Welcome to The ELK-Consultancy

The National Institutes for Stress, Anxiety and Depression working with much, much more than stress, anxiety and depression to make organisations more productive.

We don’t just work with individuals – we have decades of experience working with organisations, reducing absenteeism, staff turnover and presenteeism and making organisations healthier, happier places to work in.

We work with all kinds of organisations: from sole traders and professional partnerships to large multinationals.

We even have a special section for legal firms – with whom we have worked bringing increased productivity and calm to firms, struggling with issues, since the 1990s.

There is no business, charity or organisation that we cannot help.

Our way of working is unique – and proven to deliver greater productivity from re-motivated, satisfied staff. We look both at the individuals within the organisation and at the personality and drive of the organisation as a whole.

Please contact us for a no obligation chat. We are friendly, efficient, non-judgemental and understanding. We are also passionate experts. Which is, probably, just what our organisation needs.