Story-based Clinical Methodology

Story-based Clinical Methodology is our unique answer to finding a motivating way to help people change the behaviours that are damaging their health and wellbeing.

It is now an important component in a new approach to changing habits called The Lund Initiative – which is designed specifically for an age in which people need support and advice, but are unable to see therapists physically.

Our story-based approach involves people, who want to change, learning how to change – in a fun and engaging way – through interactive stories.  Branching narratives and the guidance they give to their own ‘avatar’ bring about understandings at a deeper level that then contribute to their finding permanent solutions to their harmful habits.

Through our story-based clinical methodology,
NISAD has developed a new form of treatment called
The Lund Initiative.


The Lund Initiative underpins our ELK.Health programmes.  Parctipation in the programmes doesn’t require anyone involved to have creative flair.  It is a natural, organic process whereby the person wanting to change learns from the experiences of others as well as their own life experience, rather than being told what to do.

Stories are at the very heart of the human condition. We learn about religions and about science from stories.  We are drawn into stories wherever we go: bookshops, blogs, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, cinema; they all move us.  Stories bring about change to stuck attitudes more effectively than any other vehicle.

It is unique

in that it addresses two major difficulties everyone working in emotional wellbeing encounters:

  • How to stop the person using a programme (designed to help them) from getting too bored to continue 



  • How to help people, who have long-held beliefs about how the shape and nature of their life should be, to break away from their prejudices and investigate new ways to be alive and be happy.

And it is evolving

Our methods call for an enormous amount of ‘story’.  The core ingredient of a new approach called Story-based Clinical Methodology is, of course, stories.

NISAD has opened a new facility in Dundalk, Ireland to attract, support and nurture “saga”.

It’s a co-operative project by two nations influenced by the Viking and Celtic traditions of story: Ireland and Sweden.”

NISAD will be running competitions in both Scandinavia and Ireland to attract writing talent to come and work with our clinical programmes.

“Our intention is to provide talented, innovative writers with an income so that they can have the freedom to develop their own projects, whilst getting exciting story-lines that don’t just “hook-in” the users of our programmes, but help them achieve the goals they value most.”


Tadhg Ó Séaghdha, Head of Behavioural Psychology at NISAD


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