NoWeigh: the revolutionary body-fat management system

No more ‘bad foods’ to avoid, no more self-loathing, no more disappointment and no more trips to the scales!

The story many of us share

Have you been on many diets, lost weight each time, felt good about yourself… and then… put it back on and often more than you lost in the first place?

Are you tired of watching what you eat all the time? Are you bored of of craving foods, giving in and then feeling guilty?

Are you sick of the ups and downs and highs and lows of your never-ending dieting story?

NoWeigh Programme

We often become unwell when we are doing something we’d be better off not doing, or not doing something that would help us be healthier.

We all know so many facts about food and exercise. We know what to do but struggle to make the changes.

This can all change now with the NoWeigh Programme!

How commercial diets work

Commercial diets work by either restricting calories consumed or by avoiding certain foods, often called ‘bad foods’ and freely eating ‘good foods’.

This will usually, if followed correctly, result in a short-term weight loss. The keyword being ‘short-term’ as 97% of us will regain everything we worked so hard to lose. And many of us end up bigger than when we started dieting.

The reason for this is that diets do not change our behaviour around food and exercise long-term. They are a ‘one-size fits all’ approach with the main measure for success being weight-loss – which has been shown to be a poor way to evaluate how much body-fat we are carrying.

We have been indoctrinated over the years to believe that weight and BMI are the most reliable way of measuring body-fat. We are 55-60% water. Water weighs more than fat. When we lose body-fat, our body may respond initially by holding more water. Hence why we can become heavier when we have actually lost body fat – a disappointing trip to the scales!

What commercial diets don’t address

Eating, for many of us, has become more than simple nourishment. We eat when we’re happy – or when we’re sad. We eat to punish ourselves or to reward ourselves, to be sociable or because we’re lonely, and sometimes just because we’re bored.

Throw into this mix those basic bits of our brain which haven’t evolved much since we were cave-dwellers: which just haven’t caught up with the fact that we no longer need to eat everything that crosses our path in case the next time we go foraging, we come back hungry. The truth is important parts of our minds just don’t get supermarkets!

Then, add to this the demands and distractions of modern life. Eating can often be a rushed activity. Our attention is often on something else. Breakfast on the way to work, lunch al-desko and dinner whilst catching up on our social media or watching something on a screen.

When we eat without paying attention it’s far more likely that we’ll eat beyond our body’s natural fullness signal or eat when we are not truly hungry.

Along with all this, our hormones control how we feel emotionally, how hungry or full we feel, how stressed we are or how our metabolism works. When we diet these hormones will make us more hungry and full less quickly.

How does NoWeigh deal with all this?

Importantly, we focus on body-fat reduction. This is a much more reliable measure than weight or BMI, despite what you may have been told. This is why we talk about size, and body-fat, rather than the number on the scales.

We recognise that you are an individual with your very own behaviours, emotional needs, body chemistry and more. Our biomedical scientists will monitor your key hormones related to body-fat reduction. And our programme, supported by clinicians, will work with you to address your individual needs and challenges.

We also understand that because of the way we’ve evolved, we can work against ourselves when we try to lose body-fat. Unless we are aware of how these evolutionary mechanisms work they will scupper our best intentions.

Our programme is supported by evidence-based research, experience and knowledge.


We know that you know what to do.
We will help you with the ‘how’.

NoWeigh will assist you to make life-long changes to be the size that you want to be. The programme is Individually-tailored and delivered via an app with games.

You can also take part in the NoWeigh programme at one of our clinics – either online or face-to-face depending on your needs or preference.