Work relationships

Work relationships

We are a social species and the quality of our relationships has a huge influence on our well-being and happiness. However, work relationships can be complex or difficult (sometimes both) and we need help navigating skilfully through the possible hazards.

We spend a lot of time at work. So if you have a difficult relationship with a boss, manager or colleague, the negative feelings that arise can be all-consuming. Fraught or unpleasant interactions can affect the quallity of your day-to-day life. While, admittedly, you may not be able to change how other people behave, it is possible to change your own response to things, which can have a positive influence on those relationships. If you have a work relationship that’s causing you anxiety, making your angry or getting you down, we can support you in acquiring the skills and understanding to navigate your way to more harmonious relationships in the workplace.

Conveninently, this support is accessible in our ELK-Clinics (online or face-to-face) as well as in our Programme for Work Relationships, which is delivered via apps and games. Richte Work is our online programme for people who would like more harmony in their work relationships.

If you would benefit from this support in your personal relationships you can read about our Personal Relationships clinics and programme here [Link to NISAD Website Bot 0027 Personal relationships]

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Richte Work – our online programme for work relationships delivered via an app with games WE AIM TO HAVE THIS OPEN SPRING 2021 [Link to elk-relationships-richte-work.programme or .app?]

Work Relationships – our online clinic OPENS SUMMER 2020 [Link to]

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