We are revolutionsing the provision of wellbeing-care, globally. 

We fight to have emotional challenges and emotional wellbeing prioritised equally with physical challenges and physical wellbeing.

For everyone.


With every single person who comes to us, we seek to understand the complex and individual relationship between their life experiences, their attitudes and motivations, their beliefs about how things are, and their body chemistry.  This is NISAD’s researched and tested approach to behaviour change.

We fight to get a wider understanding of the role that our behaviours have in the major health challenges facing humans.

We fight to get the best support to each and every person who comes to us. That means matching the support to both the needs and the beliefs of each person – not limiting the approach to one psychological method.

We fight to make changing behaviours easier by installing a permanent sense of self-compassion and an acknowledgement that we are precious.

We fight

to help those who need financial assistance for improving their emotional health and wellbeing by working ceaselessly with independent sources of funding.

We fight to support, globally, providers of physical and emotional healthcare who believe community and social responsibility is more appropriate in their work than making profit.

We fight to prove how social responsibility is a more effective motivator than profit when helping people overcome issues about their body fat management, Type 2 diabetes, and when challenging stress, anxiety, depression and sleep and memory issues.

We fight

to help people without compassion in their lives learn how to be happier, healthier, more productive and valued.

We fight to match clients with qualified talented clinicians.

We fight to make relationships at work more effective, efficient and pleasurable by training people who work together to understand one another.

We fight

to help people caught in fraught relationships see their future differently.

We fight to help those who come to us reach their full emotional and intellectual potential.

We fight to instil a warm sense of balance in everyone who comes to us.

We fight to facilitate everyone who comes to us having independence and agency in their lives so they are equipped to live the life they believe they should.

We fight

to put research and development at the centre of our work, understanding that learning is a never-ending delight.

We fight to work in a scientific, evidence-based environment open to peer-review.

We fight to steer people wanting support with their emotional health and wellbeing towards evidence-based methodologies.