We Help People Change

It’s that feeling when you want to change,

maybe because you do things that inside you know aren’t good for you,

or because you don’t do things that you know you should, 

but changing feels so hard.

It’s not that you don’t know what’s good for you.

Everywhere you go, people are full of advice on what you should and shouldn’t do.

It’s that part of you wants to change but another part of you wants to stay the same.


we don’t think that listening to advice aimed at other people is the best way
– for anyone.

We think advice has to be based
on your life and
what you need from your life.

We believe that everyone is
unique, valuable and different 
in a really good way.

So we pay lots of attention to
who you are and what you need.

Only then do we, together, work out a plan
to make change easy and enjoyable
– and rather marvellous!

People often become ill when
they are not doing something that
would help them be healthier.

We are experts at helping people change behaviours

There is more about who, exactly, we help here.

ELK.Health: our revolutionary clinics and programmes

We work with stress, anxiety, depression and many conditions where behaviour change can make a difference.   


Alleviating the distress of anxiety so we feel we can cope again.


Alleviating the distress of anxiety so we feel we can cope again.

We are Pioneers

Fighting for better emotional and physical health

Globally. Locally. Affordably.

BFM – Body-Fat Management

Size is not about weight. Throw away the scales! The revolutionary NoWeigh programme.

Story-based Clinical Methodology

Humans have always told stories to pass on learning. With this approach, we can find learning new skills easier.


Depression can rob us of all hope.  Let’s take our lives back.


Feeling too much pressure?  We can learn to skilfully manage our stress.

The story of Erik the elk

Erik is the star of a lot of our stories and animations. Find out about Erik’s own story and ELK.Health.

Health challenges are like buses

…often more than one come along at once.
We look at the whole story.  Why do we study what we study?

Emotional Health

What is emotional health and why is it so important?


Stress in pregnancy is a modern challenge that requires specialist treatment.

The latest research and the work we’re doing

The latest research and the work we’re doing