Animator Competition

We’re looking for an Animator(s) to create new content for our mental health charity.

ELK.Health design programmes which help people change their behaviour and improve their mental and physical health. We do this by telling stories in a variety of media – animations, apps, games, books and graphic novels.

We’re looking for up to 3 talented animators who will join our team to help us design and create story-led therapeutic content for our global audiences.

Who are we looking for?

You may be an individual creative or a small team, you could have years of experience, be a passionate hobbyist, are currently attending university or a recent graduate – we will accept entries from animators from all backgrounds.

We will be judging entries on:
– Talent
– Wow factor
– Response to the Brief
– Passion for the sector

Stage 1

On receipt of your expression of interest, we will require a short example of your animated work. This could be a single downloaded video or a link to a portfolio website. We will then pull together a shortlist of the animators we like.
Individuals – Please ONLY submit content that contains a significant proportion of your own work.

Small teams – all team members will be considered as a single entry.


Stage 2

Shortlisted animators will be invited to submit a 30sec animation.

Script: ??


If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.