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Milestones Development

The Milestones Suite – with you throughout your lifetime

The Milestones Suite of programmes is our revolutionary approach to wellbeing and preventative medicine. It is at the heart of everything we do because there is a critical need for mental health support to prevent and remedy non-communicable diseases and conditions throughout our entire lives.

We have a complete, scientifically-underpinned solution to the limitations of traditional psychotherapy that will be affordable and accessible to everyone. Becoming healthier, happier, and better equipped to cope with life’s challenges will be within easy reach – all from the online privacy of your own device.


And this will dramatically reduce the huge costs currently incurred by health providers and health insurers.

Our methodology addresses one of the biggest obstacles to having a healthy population: people not accessing wellbeing care.


This could be because of:

  • practical constraints (time, money, waiting lists, distance…)
  • lack of engagement
  • stigma
  • not being accustomed to having preventative care

Post-pandemic, we are creating a new normal. Through our combination of stories, games and biomedical monitoring, our Milestones programmes will feel as much part of everyday life and enjoyable as watching a series on Netflix.

Foundation Stones

The development of our Milestones suite will begin with the first five Foundation Stones. These programmes will provide support from pre-birth through childhood and the teenage years.

CalmBaby & CalmBabyMoē

From prebirth to baby’s first birthday

To alleviate stress before, during and post-pregnancy

Sound sleep for babies


Support for
parents and toddlers

I Can Change My Mind & 8ii10

Helping 8-10 year-olds manage their feelings

Support for parents with 8-10 year-olds

Supporting adolescents with their feelings and moods

I Can Change My Moods

Given the teenage mental health crisis, the preventative care in these programmes is particularly important as issues arising in adolescence can actually have their roots earlier in life.

Support with the life decision of starting a family


NoWeigh & Type2

Helping change behaviours to achieve lasting body-fat loss

Help in preventing and reversing Type 2 diabetes


Support for the menopausal transition


Enjoying meaningful later years

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