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We at NISAD are passionate about helping people improve their emotional and physical wellbeing.
Our first programme, #CertainAboutUncertainty, is an exciting new way of helping people learn how to cope with anxiety and stress during times of uncertainty.

#CertainAboutUncertainty will be delivered as a game on your mobile and there will be versions for both kids and adults.

We’d love your ideas and feedback to help shape the development of this programme as we’re designing it.

We may invite you to:

  • Join focus groups online

  • Test new features or review prototypes

  • Respond to online surveys

We value your input and you are free to decide when and how you participate.

#CertainAboutUncertainty is in our pipeline of programmes and we aim to launch in 2021. 

Thank you for your interest in helping us build and shape our programme.

If you know anyone else who might be interested, please forward this page to them.

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