Anxiety is a constant or frequent fear of what might happen if things go wrong.

Our anxiety clinics and programmes allow you to change – and live life, with optimism and happiness, whatever your circumstances.


is an unwelcome feeling of fear or misgiving about things that might happen.

A little bit of worry or concern may motivate us to find solutions to life’s inevitable challenges and problems.

However, when we become fixated on our worries, fearing that we may not be able to cope with what might happen, we can become overwhelmed by anxiety – a fear of what might happen in the future.

When we are worried

Our worry goes away once a difficult situation is resolved – but anxiety is a little different.

For some people, anxiety is  ‘free-floating’, meaning that once a situation is resolved we tend to find that this feeling of anxiety (and the thoughts that go with it) just attaches itself to something else.

Because of the way we have evolved

our brain is constantly looking for potential threats

our brain is an evolutionary ‘don’t get killed’ device

there was never a reason for us to evolve to be happy

However, if we practice becoming actively aware of our brain’s tendency to be reactive and fearful, we can actually create more happiness in our lives.

Today’s “sabre-tooth tiger”

Our early human ancestors lived with the constant threat of predators.  In the face of these dangers, we were far more likely to survive and pass on our genes if we were of a jumpy, nervous disposition!

Even though the vast majority of us are now incredibly lucky to lead exceptionally safe lives, this evolutionary trait means that we can become anxious about things that might happen – like losing our job, missing a deadline or a relationship failing. These ‘threats’ have become today’s sabre-toothed cat.

Our brains quite often have problems distinguishing between a perceived threat (I’m late for my interview so I’ll never get the job now) and a real threat (there’s a grizzly bear pursuing me down the street!).

So what can we do about overwhelming anxiety?

How can our ELK-Health anxiety programme and our ELK-Health clinics help?

Our ELK-Health programme ‘Armed’ – which comes with an app and games – will help people all over the world reduce their anxiety. It is an engaging way of learning skills to manage anxiety

ELK-Health Clinics

Through our ELK-Health Clinics (online or face-to-face) you’ll be able to work with a qualified therapist who can help you learn to change how you react to anxiety – our natural, but often misplaced, threat response.



ELK-Health clinics and programmes use science-based approaches, supporting you as you change your behaviour and improve your emotional health and wellbeing

Armed app

ELK-Health’s online programme for reducing anxiety delivered via an app with games

Anxiety online clinic

Ease anxiety with ELK-Health’s online clinic Available anywhere 

Anxiety f2f clinic

ELK-Health’s face-to-face clinic for alleviating anxiety 

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